Our Mission

The mission behind the mirror:

On average we look at our reflection eight times per day and 91% of us do not like the way we look. We tell ourselves a negative story that we aren’t worthy or beautiful—which isn’t true! Moxie Mirror’s mission is to interrupt intrusive thoughts with reminders that your worth lies far beyond the mirror.

Moxie started as a personal project to remind myself, and others, of the inner strength that we all have. I wanted reminders strategically placed throughout my day so I didn't forget. When brushing my teeth, I needed accountability of my goals and to be grateful for my body and health. In the car, I needed reminders that I was responsible for my attitude, especially with my kiddos. On my screens, I needed to remember to be kind. The Moxie team collaborated to begin designing and producing non-adhesive cling sticker reminders, and got inspired to leave little hearts around our city to share this project with others in our community. That's when Moxie Mirror was born.